How to increase revenue in your business? – Business Loans

In a small business, where there is no board of directors, or shareholders, or accounting, marketing, supply and other departments, all activities usually involve the owner, who is, ultimately, responsible for the company.

The owner is responsible for planning and strategy; the one that defines the business goals and the one that is in charge of the advertising campaign; the one that contributes the money to buy merchandise and equipment, to pay to the employees, to cover the amounts of the services and to pay the taxes.

He is the one who signs the documents with the lawyer that legalizes his licenses and defends him before clients or the contractors that made the remodeling; the one that directs the publicity and observes that a good strategy of service to the client is fulfilled and the one that observes that its workers are those that the company needs to provide an adequate service.

With so many occupations and responsibilities that deprive him of the time he must separate for rest and share with his family, it is not surprising that he reaches a saturation point.

When you have a business, you always need help and in FUNDS we are prepared to provide support, in terms of financing and advice. Our mission is to support and empower small businesses and provide them with intelligent financing solutions, through easy and accessible procedures.

First, let’s review some strategies to keep your business on the right path of development and prosperity:


Financial planning

Financial planning

This is a broad and complex issue, but necessary. It is vitally important to prepare a document that explains what the project is to be executed and how it plans to do so.

To take this first step, describe your strategy with short-term actions and daily tasks. With this first outline of the objective and strategy, define the revenue channels that your company will have, to reach more customers.

Most likely, the steps you must take to grow the business require financing and, in this regard, we can help you through short and long-term loans and lines of credit.



financial stress

An unknown business is as if it did not exist. With the power of new information technologies, marketing is a fundamental strategy to stay current and stand out among so much competition.

It is necessary to project and consolidate the brand, through continuous strategies, aimed at segments interested in your brand and its products or services, in an assertive way, because others are trying.


Business identity

Business identity

As we expressed in our tip No. 1, the business owner cannot do everything alone; You must delegate functions, define where you want to reach, what are the characteristics that make your company different from the others and DEFINE WHO WILL HELP YOU.

In FUNDS we understand that the administration of a small business is usually a challenge in which the owner needs advice and financial support. We offer financing options such as short and long term loans, lines of credit , and in addition, we give you the appropriate guidance to grow your business.

The procedure is very simple and will only take you for a few minutes. Apply now and grow your business without so many efforts and responsibilities.

Tightening May Come: State Aid for Home Savings Will Stop – Seizures Expected in the Next Days – Housing Loan

A pro-government bill (not yet adopted) would redefine the market for home savings: the amendment would eliminate state support for high construction returns.

The yield on home savings contracts is outstanding, up to over 10 percent


At the end of the first half of this year, the share of housing savings funds in the total housing loan portfolio – HUF 3,140 billion – was above 12 per cent.

An anti-government bill that has been passed to parliament and has not yet been approved would eliminate state aid for home savings contracts. After the entry into force of the amendment, housing savings contracts would not be accompanied by the current state subsidy of 30 percent, up to a maximum of 72 thousand HUF per year.

“So far, this is just a bill, so no specifics can be said. In any case, it is a fact that state support is a very important element of home savings contracts, primarily due to the fact that these contracts provide up to two-digit yields, ”said Erika Trencsán, an expert at Good Finance .

Attack is expected


According to a recent compilation by Good Finance , offers on October 15 had the highest yields on 4-year home savings contracts , at 10.28-12.54 percent, which is outstanding in the current low interest and yield environment.

“If the bill is approved unchanged by the parliament in the next few days, there will be a public spurt and a lot of contracting before it enters into force because the law will not retroactively affect home savings contracts, ” added Erika Trencsán.

An expert at Good Finance said that after the savings period

An expert at Good Finance said that after the savings period

People can take out a home loan for a savings contract . The expert also quoted the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) as saying that at the end of the first half of this year, mortgage loans at home saving funds operating in the Hungarian market amounted to HUF 385 billion, which represented more than 12 per cent of the total mortgage loan portfolio.

Banks held 1,773 billion forints home loans, accounting for 57 percent of total loans. Mortgage banks held 28% and savings cooperatives more than 3%.

Credit Policy in Eastern Croatia

Poor economic and social conditions throughout Croatia have had a negative impact on lending to citizens. First of all, there was an increase in unemployment and a decrease in salaries and pensions.

If we take into account the ABC statistics, Eastern Croatia is the leader in terms of the number of unemployed persons, which calls into question the existence of citizens and, consequently, the proper fulfillment of their credit obligations. Statistics show that the average salary in Slavonia is 17.00% less than the national average salary, which is just over USD 5,200.00.

Inability to pay overdue


Problems affecting citizens in Eastern Croatia are transaction account lockouts caused by the inability to pay overdue obligations such as overheads, current account overdrafts, loan installments and the like. A large number of credit-laden people also have loans in Swiss.

It is known that in the previous years, favorable loans with a currency clause were placed in “stable” USD whose interest rate ranged between 3.50% and 4.00%. At that time, CHF 1.00 averaged $ 4.90. In 2010, the franc began to rise sharply and crossed the $ 7.00 limit.

Accordingly, interest rates on loans also increased. Consequently, loan rates in francs have increased by over 50%. All of the above led to a disorder in payment of arrears.

In order to overcome the “payment crisis” as easily as possible, citizens are reaching out to new tasks or reprogramming old ones. Numerous bad placements already lead to increased caution among banks when placing new loans. The prolonged recession has contributed to the inertia of the banking system, which is less and less prone to lending to citizens and the corporate sector.

Reprogram commitments


In the first half of 2013, most banks in the region of Eastern Croatia, in their credit lines, also offered the possibility of settling foreclosures on citizens’ transaction accounts. In the second half of 2013, banks tightened the conditions for lending to citizens, so the closure of foreclosures can be realized with the loan of only a few banks.

The goal of credit-default citizenship is to refinance existing obligations; closing loans and debts on cards or current accounts and paying only one installment of credit that will be deducted from salary or retirement. For this reason, the non-purpose loan amounts were increased to USD 30,000.00, and the repayment period itself was extended from 10 to 15 years.

One of the options for rescheduling liabilities is a mortgage loan . A mortgage loan is a non-purpose loan that entails registering a mortgage on the property as an additional security instrument and allows for a longer repayment period of up to 25 years. The mortgage interest rate ranges from 7.75% to 10.20%.

It is important to note that the ratio of real estate value to loan amount ranges between 1: 1.5 and 1: 2.0. Mortgage loans are a good option for debt rescheduling in excess of $ 30,000.

Loans to “balance” usually with CPI

Loans to "balance" usually with CPI

If it is not possible to refinance all loans, citizens usually reach out for loans ” for the remainder of the proceeds .” Such lines of credit are interesting because they do not require repayment of existing loans but allow faster cash flow to facilitate the payment of current liabilities.

It is important to note that with these lines of credit, banks require contractual payment insurance or credit payment insurance (CCI) to further protect themselves when collecting their claims. Popular loans for the remainder of the income range up to USD 25,000.00 with a repayment period of up to 8 years.

With these loans, the baseline for life is on average 1.500 USD. Because these lines of credit represent a high risk when collecting receivables, banks usually choose regular clients for such loans and do not close foreclosures.

Repayment up to the age of 78

Repayment up to the age of 78

Due to the large number of pensioners in the region of eastern Croatia, it is interesting to note that certain banks have extended the age to which it is necessary to repay the loan. Retirees can apply for loans up to $ 10,000.00, and they have to pay off the loan up to 78 years of age.

The maximum repayment term for such loans is 10 years. For persons under 85 years of age, loans up to USD 3,000.00 are offered with a repayment period of up to 3 years.

Minor clutter is usually not a problem

Due to the inability to repay loans and other liabilities to banks on a regular basis, many clients were blacklisted , which represents a mess in the credit report. Credit reporting irregularities are usually not an obstacle to obtaining a loan, of course it depends on why the client is recorded as untidy and what is the amount of the outstanding debt. Certain banks in the area of ​​Eastern Croatia will most often settle their credit report with a new loan.

Unfortunately, the problem is if the client does not meet his obligations in the long run, which results in the cancellation of the credit agreement, credit card or cancellation of the overdraft facility. In the case of such deficiencies, banks will most often seek a guarantor or co-debtor for the purpose of supplementary insurance.

Finding a guarantor or co-debtor is a problem for most citizens. Usually, we are faced with the fact that a large number of citizens are over indebted and therefore unable to jointly guarantee the loan.

What awaits us in 2014

Given the CNB’s projections, we can expect a further decline in household lending . The amendment to the Consumer Credit Act will reduce the rate of existing loans in Switzerland, which will certainly have a positive impact on the large number of credit indebted citizens.

The law also limits interest rates on housing and consumer loans, and when contracting variable interest rates, the parameters for changing the contracted variable interest rate must first be defined. I believe that all of these decisions will contribute to business transparency and better informed citizens when deciding on new credit facilities.

The new Ordinance on income tax will allow the write-off of credit institutions’ claims on citizens based on home loans, and the cancellation of uncollectible tax debt for socially disadvantaged citizens who are unable to meet their obligations to both the state and banks.

Four smart savings tips for everyday life – Loans

Having a balanced economy is a very important part of life. By saving money you have a buffer over to unexpected costs or to be able to make large purchases faster. This article will give you four smart tips when it comes to continuously saving money in your everyday life…

Check your monthly costs for subscriptions, subscriptions and loans


Many have various different bills for loans and various subscriptions to pay off. It is very smart to see what the competitors are offering, whether they are streaming services, mobile subscriptions or electricity contracts. The first thing to consider is if you really need all the services that result in constant monthly expenses. For example, if you have two streaming services, you can sell one of them to save hundreds of dollars each month. Then the second step is to switch to cheaper suppliers without compromising on quality. Maybe your competitors have a new, hot offer that will help you save money?

For current loans, you can take out a so-called collective loan that covers the cost of all the small loans you currently have. If you pay off a single large loan instead, you get a lower interest rate on the total and thus save money. It is also smart to use comparison services to make sure you take the cheapest loans on the market.

Use advantageous savings accounts to grow your money faster

 Use advantageous savings accounts to grow your money faster

You probably already save money at the bank in a savings account, but do you have to check if your choice of account – or even choice of bank – is the most advantageous? Different banks have different interest rates and terms for their savings accounts. Maybe another bank has a better interest rate that allows your money to grow faster? Check the terms of different banks and what types of savings accounts are offered to maximize your profits. Of course, you can also choose to invest in shares. This can lead to higher growth, but remember that it is always a risk-taking.

Select unnecessary small costs

 Select unnecessary small costs

It is common to make small purchases here and there. A nice sweater on sale? Yes. A scrapbook on one got after work? Absolutely. These costs may seem insignificant, but in the long run the sums grow large.

Get in the habit of not buying anything before you really need it. Will you really wear that sweater once you buy it? Isn’t that scrap cake unnecessary? This is something that you must especially consider about current food in the household – will you be able to drink all five milk packets before the “Best before” date? Large amounts of food are lost due to poor planning. Over time, this can be a lot of money. If you plan well in advance, you can eat most of the food you have at home before buying new items. Then the goods do not have to be old and inedible before you thought about using them.

When it comes to other types of purchases, such as electronics or clothing, you should also carefully consider whether you need to do it right now or if you can wait a month or two before purchasing. When you make a purchase later, you can save more money and are in an even better position to decide whether you need the product or not.

Luxury consumption is when you buy goods that you don’t really need. It can be about expensive restaurant visits or an unnecessarily expensive TV that you know you can do without. It is important to indulge in luxury consumption sometimes, but be sure to keep these purchases down to save money. Always make smart decisions by comparing different products and services between each other.

Sell ​​products you no longer use

 Sell ​​products you no longer use

Everyone owns something that they no longer use, whether it’s clothing, TVs, furniture or jewelry. Instead of letting these collect dust, you can resell old goods to save money and space in the house. If you have a basement or most wardrobes filled with unused items, it is time to investigate what you might be selling…

Keep track of your savings 2019 – Loan Offers

If you lose your phone in the toilet, or get your bicycle stolen, it can be difficult to buy a new one if you have not set aside money for unforeseen expenses. With a savings you are always ensured if the accident should be out. If you have a savings, you are better off and your personal finances are stronger. So you are no longer dependent on waiting until the next payday, with your unforeseen expenses paid. Read on here and learn more about how you can save money in your daily life and thus get more money between your hands and more opportunity to save more money.

Benefits of a savings

money savings

There are many benefits to a savings. In addition to the benefits we have already mentioned, a savings can also save your personal finances if you have several bills to pay in a month. Unforeseen bills can topple an economy. If you receive a bill that you did not expect, or thought to come at a later date, you are secured with a savings. If you have a savings that you can take from, you avoid any reminders and fees that you would otherwise receive if you did not have money in the account to pay for your bill.

The advantage of having a savings is also that you can, for example, if there are good deals that you cannot resist. That way, you can ultimately save money because you have the opportunity to strike at the right time.


The savings are your safety

money cash

There are many Danes who have a good private economy, but there are still several who are in a situation where their financial situation is poor. People with a poor economy who are unable to obtain financial support from friends and family are at a disadvantage if unforeseen expenses suddenly arise in their finances. If you find yourself in a situation where you often find it difficult to afford all your expenses, you can read our advice on how to optimize your finances.

If your monthly available amount does not allow you to make a savings, you can use our 5 savings tips to get more money between your hands in your everyday life. In the longer term, it may allow you to make a savings that you can benefit from at a later date.


5 good tips for saving money in everyday life

1. Eat at home
If you often buy take-away or eat out, you can save some money in your monthly budget by eating at home instead. Often we do not think about how much we spend on food and drink while on the move. Although small amounts each time, it will be a lot of money in the long run. Therefore, think about your consumption – you can save the money up instead.

2. Stop smoking
If you smoke, you can save a lot of money by either cutting back on the smokers, or quitting smoking altogether. If you go from smoking a pack a day to half, you can save up to DKK 600 a month. This is money that could look much better on your savings.

3. Change or get rid of your car
Do you have a car that you can do without? Having a car is expensive. In addition to the car being expensive in itself, for example, you also have to pay insurance, excise duty and gasoline. If you cannot do without the car, you can instead cut down on your fuel consumption and take the bike to work. You can generally save a lot of money on prioritizing cycling rather than taking the car.

4. Turn down water and electricity consumption
Even if you don’t think about it in everyday life, you can save a lot of money annually by thinking about your water and electricity consumption. For example, remember to turn off the light when you are not using it, take shorter baths, or make sure to fill your washing machine when you put it over. You can also switch all your bulbs to LED bulbs – there are many options.

5. Stop impulse buying
One of the big items in the budget that you can save money on is avoiding impulse purchases. This applies both when you are in the supermarket and when you shop for example clothes, shoes and furniture. It’s hard to avoid being tempted, but when you think about what you put in your basket, you quickly discover how many items you don’t necessarily need. If you want to avoid impulse purchases, you can set a budget so that you are sure that you are not spending more than what you can really afford.


Does your savings not cover your contingencies? Get help here

Are you in a situation where you are missing money now and here for unforeseen expenses? Maybe your savings are not enough or you may not have a savings at all. Then it’s help to pick up at Menildresa. We offer loans of between 3,000 and 20,000 kroner for exactly what you need. We always make sure our borrowers get a quick payout because we know how important it is that you don’t have to wait long for the money to be available in your account. Therefore, you can apply for a loan today and already get the money paid out within minutes. The transfer is done via our instant transfer, so you can get the money right away and on all days of the week.


Because we Peruvians have bad saving habits – Take out Loan

Did you know that the person with the most financial problems in Peru is the young population? Good Finance recently revealed that out of 10 young people have trouble dealing with their debts.

Bad habits from this stage of life prevent this population from saving for retirement, emergencies, etc. Discover in this note the three great reasons why Peruvians have bad saving habits .

We take out unplanned debts

We take out unplanned debts

The first bad habit that does not allow us to save is to borrow without conscience. How do we do this? Through credit cards that we can obtain since we reach the age of majority if we have sustainable income.

Another way in which we borrow is by taking out loans to undertake without having made a business plan . We also increase our debts by buying with loans or credit what we could get if we save a little.

We are not clear about our personal budget

We are not clear about our personal budget

If we want to start saving and not just pay debts or live with the right one, what we have to do is be clear about what goes in and out of our pockets each month.

Preparing a personal budget is vital, this will prevent us from spending as if there were no tomorrow and always have a fund for emergencies that may arise.

We believe that credit is more money

We believe that credit is more money

They increased your credit line!: You have more money to buy. This is not true, what you have is more plastic money, that is, not real money, but the loan that the bank gives you to use as you want. Ideally, do not use this money unless it is an emergency – or a planned expense. It is that you should know that the interests of the credits are not at all low.

Did you know that we are not so bad in savings figures either? According to reports almost half of the population saves. It is true that from this figure not all people save in banks – they prefer to do it outside the system – but it is already an important amount that they are thinking about their future. The goal is for us to be more and more savers!