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Each of the entrepreneurs at some point needs extra cash for their company. Credit remains one of the most popular methods of obtaining it. For those who are considering this option, we present the terms of one of the recently promoted products – Good Finance Credit (Account Limit) Bank.

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The Oak Park Financial offer for a small business loan bad credit is created for small enterprises that need additional funds for company purposes. Our loan is assumed to offer clear and transparent financing conditions and great flexibility in the bank’s decision. Is this really the case? Check!

Good Finance Credit Terms (Account Limit in the Good Finance offer)

Good Finance loan is an overdraft facility. The interest rate on the loan is preferential compared to standard offers, it is exactly 4.99% (3.2% margin + 12M WIBOR). What are the undoubted pros of this Goodbank proposal:

  • the loan, apart from the interest rate, has no additional costs.
  • the idea of ​​the Good Finance Loan – Account Limit is financial support for entrepreneurs in their current needs. The bank does not require the customer to document expenses from the granted loan and, importantly, it also does not need a certificate from ZUS or Tax Office to issue a decision. To receive the Good Finance Limit Current Credit offer, all you need to do is submit a bank statement for the last six months from the bank where the customer actively maintains his account.

Below are the Account Limit conditions in the Good Finance offer compared to other bank proposals:

Who is the Good Finance Overdraft Facility Loan for?

Who is the Good Finance Overdraft Facility Loan for?

However, there is a catch – the offer is directed only to those customers who do not have an active or repaid loan, loan or credit card at Goodbank. Therefore, it can be concluded that new bank customers will simply benefit the most.

It is also worth noting that this offer is addressed to companies with a minimum of six months of market experience, which distinguishes it from other offers dedicated to at least one-year companies. So this is a chance for young companies that need solid credit support for current business development.

Good Finance Limit Credit on the Account against other limit loans

When comparing the Good Finance Loan – Goodbank Account Limit with products in the form of a credit limit in other banks, the clarity of Goodbank’s offer is noticeable. Its interest rate is 4.99%, including a 3.2% margin, while other banks indicate interest rate fluctuations with a margin of up to 8%. Considering the commission, some banks require almost 4%.

In the Good Finance Goodbank Offer, the customer does not have to pay a commission for granting and also does not incur any additional fees.