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In a small business, where there is no board of directors, or shareholders, or accounting, marketing, supply and other departments, all activities usually involve the owner, who is, ultimately, responsible for the company.

The owner is responsible for planning and strategy; the one that defines the business goals and the one that is in charge of the advertising campaign; the one that contributes the money to buy merchandise and equipment, to pay to the employees, to cover the amounts of the services and to pay the taxes.

He is the one who signs the documents with the lawyer that legalizes his licenses and defends him before clients or the contractors that made the remodeling; the one that directs the publicity and observes that a good strategy of service to the client is fulfilled and the one that observes that its workers are those that the company needs to provide an adequate service.

With so many occupations and responsibilities that deprive him of the time he must separate for rest and share with his family, it is not surprising that he reaches a saturation point.

When you have a business, you always need help and in FUNDS we are prepared to provide support, in terms of financing and advice. Our mission is to support and empower small businesses and provide them with intelligent financing solutions, through easy and accessible procedures.

First, let’s review some strategies to keep your business on the right path of development and prosperity:


Financial planning

Financial planning

This is a broad and complex issue, but necessary. It is vitally important to prepare a document that explains what the project is to be executed and how it plans to do so.

To take this first step, describe your strategy with short-term actions and daily tasks. With this first outline of the objective and strategy, define the revenue channels that your company will have, to reach more customers.

Most likely, the steps you must take to grow the business require financing and, in this regard, we can help you through short and long-term loans and lines of credit.



financial stress

An unknown business is as if it did not exist. With the power of new information technologies, marketing is a fundamental strategy to stay current and stand out among so much competition.

It is necessary to project and consolidate the brand, through continuous strategies, aimed at segments interested in your brand and its products or services, in an assertive way, because others are trying.


Business identity

Business identity

As we expressed in our tip No. 1, the business owner cannot do everything alone; You must delegate functions, define where you want to reach, what are the characteristics that make your company different from the others and DEFINE WHO WILL HELP YOU.

In FUNDS we understand that the administration of a small business is usually a challenge in which the owner needs advice and financial support. We offer financing options such as short and long term loans, lines of credit , and in addition, we give you the appropriate guidance to grow your business.

The procedure is very simple and will only take you for a few minutes. Apply now and grow your business without so many efforts and responsibilities.