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If you lose your phone in the toilet, or get your bicycle stolen, it can be difficult to buy a new one if you have not set aside money for unforeseen expenses. With a savings you are always ensured if the accident should be out. If you have a savings, you are better off and your personal finances are stronger. So you are no longer dependent on waiting until the next payday, with your unforeseen expenses paid. Read on here and learn more about how you can save money in your daily life and thus get more money between your hands and more opportunity to save more money.

Benefits of a savings

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There are many benefits to a savings. In addition to the benefits we have already mentioned, a savings can also save your personal finances if you have several bills to pay in a month. Unforeseen bills can topple an economy. If you receive a bill that you did not expect, or thought to come at a later date, you are secured with a savings. If you have a savings that you can take from, you avoid any reminders and fees that you would otherwise receive if you did not have money in the account to pay for your bill.

The advantage of having a savings is also that you can, for example, if there are good deals that you cannot resist. That way, you can ultimately save money because you have the opportunity to strike at the right time.


The savings are your safety

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There are many Danes who have a good private economy, but there are still several who are in a situation where their financial situation is poor. People with a poor economy who are unable to obtain financial support from friends and family are at a disadvantage if unforeseen expenses suddenly arise in their finances. If you find yourself in a situation where you often find it difficult to afford all your expenses, you can read our advice on how to optimize your finances.

If your monthly available amount does not allow you to make a savings, you can use our 5 savings tips to get more money between your hands in your everyday life. In the longer term, it may allow you to make a savings that you can benefit from at a later date.


5 good tips for saving money in everyday life

1. Eat at home
If you often buy take-away or eat out, you can save some money in your monthly budget by eating at home instead. Often we do not think about how much we spend on food and drink while on the move. Although small amounts each time, it will be a lot of money in the long run. Therefore, think about your consumption – you can save the money up instead.

2. Stop smoking
If you smoke, you can save a lot of money by either cutting back on the smokers, or quitting smoking altogether. If you go from smoking a pack a day to half, you can save up to DKK 600 a month. This is money that could look much better on your savings.

3. Change or get rid of your car
Do you have a car that you can do without? Having a car is expensive. In addition to the car being expensive in itself, for example, you also have to pay insurance, excise duty and gasoline. If you cannot do without the car, you can instead cut down on your fuel consumption and take the bike to work. You can generally save a lot of money on prioritizing cycling rather than taking the car.

4. Turn down water and electricity consumption
Even if you don’t think about it in everyday life, you can save a lot of money annually by thinking about your water and electricity consumption. For example, remember to turn off the light when you are not using it, take shorter baths, or make sure to fill your washing machine when you put it over. You can also switch all your bulbs to LED bulbs – there are many options.

5. Stop impulse buying
One of the big items in the budget that you can save money on is avoiding impulse purchases. This applies both when you are in the supermarket and when you shop for example clothes, shoes and furniture. It’s hard to avoid being tempted, but when you think about what you put in your basket, you quickly discover how many items you don’t necessarily need. If you want to avoid impulse purchases, you can set a budget so that you are sure that you are not spending more than what you can really afford.


Does your savings not cover your contingencies? Get help here

Are you in a situation where you are missing money now and here for unforeseen expenses? Maybe your savings are not enough or you may not have a savings at all. Then it’s help to pick up at Menildresa. We offer loans of between 3,000 and 20,000 kroner for exactly what you need. We always make sure our borrowers get a quick payout because we know how important it is that you don’t have to wait long for the money to be available in your account. Therefore, you can apply for a loan today and already get the money paid out within minutes. The transfer is done via our instant transfer, so you can get the money right away and on all days of the week.